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Implementing a Quality Mouth Care Programme

Setting a new standard for excellence

Want to improve the overall standard of mouth care in your care home? Implement a Quality Mouth Care Programme!

While many quality indicators are already in place, there's one aspect that often goes overlooked: mouth care.

Implementing a Quality Mouth Care Programme is a proactive measure with far-reaching benefits for residents' and staff as well as improving your reputation with care.

What you'll get when you join

Live Q & A sessions held every week

For any staff member that would like to join the hub, interact and ask questions.

Oral Mouth Care Aware Certification

Certification is awarded after the programme has been running for six months. 

We'll Train all Staff

We hold  live training via Zoom every week.  Staff select the preferred date and time.

Quarterly Reviews 

Every 3 months we hold a review meeting with the Oral Champion/s.

Oral Champion Training


The oral care champion receives specialized training 

Topical webinars held monthly

20 minutes webinars are held monthly on engaging dental topics that we think will interest your staff.

How the programme can help you

reducing hospital admissions

Proper oral care can significantly reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia and subsequent hospital admissions. 

help staff  

Having an dental aide to help advise can be particularly helpful and reassuring to carers who may not have the motivation, knowledge or confidence to carry out oral care for residents with complex needs.

gain confidence 

Comprehensive training is available to all existing and new staff by dental care professionals expert in the field of gerodontics [dental care for seniors].  The training allows ample opportunity for staff to ask questions.  The training improves confidence to deliver quality mouth care.

 residents and next of kin recognise value

By partnering with a reputable oral care programme, you can distinguish your care home in a competitive market. The assurance of superior dental care not only attracts potential residents and their families but also enhances the facility's reputation. 

raising residents comfort, dignity and health 

By addressing oral health as part of overall health and disease prevention demonstrates your care in raising the comfort, dignity and health of your clients. 


Can you call me.

Thank you.  We will be in touch shortly.

A one off payment fee of followed by a monthly subscription fee.


The fee is subject to the size of the care home.

Subscription fee

  • Up to 25 staff £49 per month

  • Up to 50 staff £98 per month

  • Up to 100 staff £139 per month

  • Up to 150 staff £169 per month

  • More than 150 staff [Quote]

I'd like to book the programme. Now what?

  • Select the correct plan size.

  • You will be required to pay a set up fee and subscription plan. [cancel anytime - no cancellation fee].

  • You will be given a CODE.  Staff will require this code to book their training.

  • We'll ask for details of the oral champion you have nominated. 

  •  We will get in touch with the oral champion to organise training.  On the training day the delegated dental profession will introduce themselves. 

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