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With regards to the information given in the session, should you, colleague or any staff have questions regarding oral health or request further information or clarification  on anything , please feel free to et in touch!

Please find paperwork to download and use.

●     Oral Care policy (complete/edit as required)  click HERE

Edit and update as and when required to ensure adherence to NICE's Best Practice recommendations

●     Oral Care booklet click HERE

Summary of the presentation. Includes soft tissue findings  

●     Oral Health Assessment form  click HERE

●     Handouts for carers click HERE

●     Quick reference poster click HERE




In addition to the information provided to the staff you may find the information below helpful.


·  Denture Care Advice [Important notice]

Please note that due to a fatality of a gentleman that consumed a denture cleaning tablet it is advised that any denture cleaning tablets or solution is stored not stored in the residents room. 

Almost every kind of denture cleaning tablet you find contains pursulfate and the reason being is it is good at cleaning dentures! but it comes with health concerns. Denture cleaning tablets need to be locked away.

Best Practice - Store dentures dry. Place in a named denture pot


Leaflet click HERE


·  Strategies and Tips for People that Resist Mouth Care

Tips and coping strategies from NHS Scotland is to Try and get people to brush their own teeth as they become less resistant as it gives them a sense of control. 

You don’t always know why someone is resisting, it could be that they don’t understand what you are doing. 

Teaching staff that a resident may need cues



Leaflet click HERE  

·  Oral Care Guide for People with Dysphagia & Nil by Mouth

Due to the levels of swallowing difficulties there is no single mouthcare management that can be applied to all individuals with dysphagia.  Please find resource which gives common guiding principles and procedures that can be adapted to the needs and situation of the individual. 


Leaflet click HERE

·  Oral Healthcare for People with Parkinson's Disease

Nearly half of people with Parkinson's disease have difficulty with mouth care because of difficulty in physically brushing their teeth due to motor symptoms such as tremor, stiffness and/or slowness of movement.


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Recommended products   

·  The link to the products we recommend is here.  It links to the companies directly and we do not receive commission! 


Sponge Swabs Alternative products

360 degree toothbrushes   Removing Dried Secretions from the mouth

We have completed sampling the 360 degree toothbrushes.  These serve as an excellent tool for palliative oral care, removing dried mucous secretions from the palate as well as brushing the teeth and soft tissues with water and a mild toothpaste.  This product can be used in replacement of the mouth sponge swabs.  

We do not advocate the use of sponge swabs. Sponge swabs of all colours have been banned in Wales and are on a Medical Device Alert in England.  Alternative products are

  • Small, soft headed toothbrush

  • MC3 Stik

  • 360 toothbrush

  • Damp Gauze

For more information click HERE

Please note that we are only a phone call away should you have any oral healthcare questions please do not hesitate to call us.


Please feel free to contact myself should you wish to discuss anything or feel unsure about ANY of the training material. We will endeavour to keep you updated with any oral healthcare matters.

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