Recommended Products

Fat handled toothbrush

Fat grip toothbrush is for those who need more grip, the larger handle is for making the brush easier to hold for people with poor manual dexterity, 

  • People with Learning Disabilities

  • Arthritis

  • Poor grip

Moi Stiks - Hydrating swabs stiks used for dry mouth in palliative mouth care management

​These swab sticks are an alternative to the glycerol flavoured swabs used in Palliative/end of life mouth care management.  They have a neutral PH and are therefore do not having a drying effect on the mouth.

360 degree brushes - ideal replacement for sponge swabs in palliative mouth care management

​This rapidly popular brush is a safe alternative to the sponge swabs.  The soft bristles are gentle on the soft tissues of the oral cavity making it effective and comfortable for cleaning the tongue, cheeks and palate as well as brushing the teeth to remove plaque and debris.

The brush can be used to hydrate the mouth with water and/or hydrating gel for comfort and lubrication.

£2.98 each

Oralieve products for dry mouth

Having a dry mouth can disturb you mouth's natural balance and may contribute to discomfort, poor oral health and bad breath.

Oralieve products are specially formulated to help rebalance the mouth and provide immediate relief from dry mouth.

Moutheze (MC3)

MC3  has a cone shaped head and soft round rubber filaments to help removed dried mucus secretions from the palate and helps with cleansing the inside of the mouth.


Collis Curve Toothbrush

The curved design of the bristles allows all 3 sides of your teeth to be cleaned at the same time. It is particularly helpful for assisting people with disabilities.

Denture Marking Kit

This kit provides the materials for professional or auxiliary staff to identify a denture to a patient. This is particularly useful in hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities where identification of dentures is necessary.

The composition of the coating is similar to the denture, and does not affect soft tissue, or the denture base. The fit of the denture is not affected if the kit is used as detailed in these instructions.

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