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Recommended Products

Listed Guide to Mouth Care Products and Tools

KOHC Recommended Products and Tools

360 toothbrush

360 degree toothbrush

​This rapidly popular brush is a safe alternative to the sponge swabs.  The soft bristles are gentle on the soft tissues of the oral cavity making it effective and comfortable for cleaning the tongue, cheeks and palate as well as brushing the teeth to remove plaque and debris.

The brush can be used to hydrate the mouth with water and/or hydrating gel for comfort and lubrication

Oralieve range

Oralieve products for dry mouth

Having a dry mouth can disturb you mouth's natural balance and may contribute to discomfort, poor oral health and bad breath.

Oralieve products are specially formulated to help rebalance the mouth and provide immediate relief from dry mouth

Senses Toothpaste

Senses Apple Fresh [Low foam toothpaste]

This unique apple aroma and great taste provides a proven solution for those struggling to use existing toothpastes. 

Eg  people on the autistic spectrum that are hypersensitive to touch. 

MC3 stick

Moutheze [MC3 stick]

MC3  has a cone shaped head and soft round rubber filaments to help removed dried mucus secretions from the palate and helps with cleansing the inside of the mouth.


Collis toothbrush

Collis Curve Toothbrush

The curved design of the bristles allows all 3 sides of your teeth to be cleaned at the same time. It is particularly helpful if there is limited access to the mouth.

Single tufted toothbrush

Tufted Toothbrush

Suitable for people with Trismus (reduced ability to open)   People with an impaired ability to open the mouth within the normal range can make toothbrushing very difficult.  A tufted brush has a very small head making toothbrushing more accessible especially reaching the posterior teeth.

Consider a tufted brush for people that have a gag reflex, this brush maybe beneficial brushing the posterior teeth

G100 Suctioni Toothbrush

Electric Suction Toothbrush

The Oral Clean G100 provides a simple yet effective oral care solution for people who have swallow difficulties.

The toothbrush is light with a comfortable grip, the bristles are soft and the vibration is low making it suitable for people with oral hypersensitivity issues.  The head of the toothbrush lights up when in use making the mouth easier to see for the carer.

The pumps is actioned through the tip of the brush head making mouth care safer for people with swallow difficulties.

Dental Fresh cleansing gel

Denture Cleaning Gel 

This cleansing gel  is formulated to get your dental appliance clean and minty fresh with its soapy gentle cleaning action.

It contains Pure Peppermint oil which acts as a natural antibacterial giving a minty scent freshness.

It is paraben- free,  alcohol and bleach free so is kind to you and your denture.

It can be used with a toothbrush or Dr Mark's rubber denture  cleaning brush.

Supergrip denture cleaning brush

Sure Grip Denture Cleaning Brush

This fabulous easy grip denture cleaning brush removes sticky plaque and food debris from dentures with its composite bristles  making it flexible to safely clean around clasps  and   various denture shapes and designs, getting your dentures scrupulously clean.


Oracoat Xylimelts

These oral adhering discs treat dry mouth day and night by sticking to the gums and teeth and slowly releasing xylitol and cellulose gum, which stimulates saliva production and coats the mouth with a healthy, adherent gel, providing lasting relief and reduction of tooth decay.


Triple Bristle Sonic Battery Toothbrush

This three sided battery sonic toothbrush is designed to clean all 3 surfaces together which makes is super helpful for individuals with poor manual dexterity. The handle of the brush is easy to hold.  The sonic vibrations do all the work.  Particularly helpful for people with physical disabilities and cognitive decline. 

Designed by a dentist!

3 sided toothrush
Fatboy brush

Fat handled tootbrush

Fat grip toothbrush is for those who need more grip, the larger handle is for making the brush easier to hold for people with poor manual dexterity, 

  • People with Learning Disabilities

  • Arthritis

  • Poor grip

Moi stick

Moi Stiks PH neutral swab sticks

These swab sticks are an alternative to the glycerol flavoured swabs used in Palliative/end of life mouth care management.  They have a neutral PH and are therefore do not having a drying effect on the mouth.

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