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Training in Oral Health Care for all the Team


Whether you are looking for training for an Individual or Group session, we've got it covered! 

Who our training is for:

Anyone that is involved in personal care from caregivers to healthcare professionals Group training or Individuals

Care homes [all types], community care services, learning disability organizations, hospitals, hospice


What the training includes: 

  • best practice mouth care management to include attending to people with complex needs, denture care 

  • oral findings in the mouth to include attending to bleeding gums, dry mouth, ulcers

  • have knowledge of the mouth in health and disease and how it affects general health, wellbeing and dignity.

  • understanding best practice and clinical governance  

  • how to carry out an oral health assessment and mouth care needs in care plans 

  • reducing care resistant behaviour with mouth care using evidence based tips and practical strategies 

  • latest mouth care guidance for people in palliative and end of life care to include recommended tools and products 

How long is the training?

This will depend on what course you have selected [see below]


CPD certificates are issued for each attendee


Live Webinar Group Session/s

Book per session

webinar sessions

The 2hrs webinar training sessions are an effective way deliver training to more staff conveniently either in your place of work as a group as well as staff attending from the convenience of their home, which is certainly most suitable for people that work night shift.


A list of names of attendees are collected and sent to the oragniser/care home with certificates


£185 per group session [up to 30 staff]
20% off on multiple booking



Train the Trainer Course

Provide ongoing training

There are no set requirements, we train people that have never trained before to experienced trainers.

At the end of the course the participant will be able to confidently cascade oral care training sessions to staff, relaying important information and demonstrate skills in an interesting fun way.

TIME 10am - 3pm

£500 delivered via
webinar Inc Training
Train the Trainer Refresher Course
£125  Recommended annually


Face to Face Group Session/s

Book per session

Face to Face

Have a local Dental Care Professional attend your place of work.  Our face-to-face training courses give you the opportunity to learn directly from our subject experts in-person, at a scheduled date and time to suit you.


£265 per group session [max 12]
20% off on multiple booking



Per person

'Pay per person'

Whether you are an individual or represent an organisation with numerous members of staff to train, our e-Learning provides a cost effective and easy to use course.

 The content is divided into short modules which can be paused at any time. The modules are clear and engaging with a variety of visual and audio learning cues and intermittent knowledge checks.



Enrol all staff in oral care training


CQC recommend mandatory training in oral healthcare. Can you answer 'yes' to Effective KLOE question 'Do all staff have training in Oral Health Care?'

Enrol All Staff Plan is an affordable and convenient way of ensuring staff training for everyone involved in personal care.  Staff can receive training via Live webinar or eLearning.  




Oral Champion Course

For individuals

Oral champion course

By the end of this course you'll have a comprehensive understanding of oral health knowledge and how poor oral health can affect a persons health and wellbeing to include care for people with different needs.  

You'll understand what your role entails and will have the knowledge and skills to confidently cascade oral healthcare information to other staff members.

You'll have a better understanding of the NICE guidelines in oral healthcare and will know how and when to refer to a health professional.

TIME 10am - 1.15pm

£85 per oral champion
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