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Dental Care Professionals

Putting your Dental Health Education skills in actions but  providing an oral  care training to care staff in care homes.  If this is something you are interested in please complete the 'REGISTER MY INTEREST FORM' below.

If this sounds like something you would like to do then working as an oral health advisor/trainer could suit you.


Our role as dental care professionals is to disseminate our experience and knowledge to educate care home staff/ managers/ trainers to understand the importance of good oral hygiene.  



  To work passionately and diligently towards improving the standards of oral care within care homes


  To uphold the values and vision of Knowledge Oral Health Care  by modelling organisation and professional behaviour


  To engage with all healthcare professionals and educators thoughtfully and with respect


  To encourage and challenge industry and professional leaders towards continually improving healthcare practices and policies


  To seek out business opportunities by identifying and engaging with care homes to provide support for care staff with oral health matters



Mouth Care Training


Community meeting.  Find out what other DCP's experience/comments are from giving oral care training to the care sector

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