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Oral Champion Course

Be Confident and Successful in your Role

You've been nominated as an Oral what?

Learn the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently carry out your role as an oral champion.  Our training provides everything an oral champion requires to confidently carry out their role.

NEW Enroll all Staff in Mouth Care Training
One Fee. Unlimited training



One Fee. Receive a code for staff to enter for eLearning. A progress report is sent to the care home each month with staff certificates.




One Fee. Receive a code and get  staff to select a date to suit them . After training a list of staff names with certificates will be sent to the care home.


Who is the training for?  

All staff levels. The training is comprehensive without being complex in detail and covers everything required to manage mouth care for vulnerable adults, from the frail elderly to individuals with complex medical needs for all care settings.

What is covered?  

Students will understand the effects that poor oral health has on the general health and well being of vulnerable adults and why poor mouth care can become a safeguarding issue. 

Understand what best practice is in mouth care management, recommended tools and clinical governance.  We give plenty of practical advice throughout the training to help develop practical skills and build confidence.

Training in Oral Healthcare. For anyone that delivers personal care.

Face to Face Training

Have a local Dental Care Professional attend your place of work for on-site group training sessions.  

Train the Trainer course

Delegate a staff member to cascade ongoing mouth care training to all the team. 

Group webinar sessions

Interactive group training sessions delivered by a dental professional. Pay per session. 

Refresher course

Oral Care Training refresher course for Train the Trainer are recommended every 2 yrs. 

Elearning for individuals

our e-Learning provides a cost effective and easy to use course.

 The content is divided into short modules which can be paused at any time. 

Oral Champion course

The nominated oral champion will be equipped with all the knowledge they require to carry out their role. 


Register Free webinar
End of Life Mouth Care Management

The webinar is aimed at giving caregivers and nurses a quick reference guide in best practice end of life mouth care regime. Best mouth care practices include consensus-based practices as published by


  • NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary: Palliative care – How should I manage oral care in the terminal phase? NICE July 2023

  • Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines – Mouth Care in the last days of life (Healthcare Improvement Scotland and NHS Scotland)

  • Palliative Care Wales: Palliative Care (Adult) Network Guidelines

Duration: 20 mins

DATE: To be confirmed. [from mid January]

Time: 10am

Thank you.

 You will be notified of the dates we will be holding webinars on End of Life Mouth Care Management.

What our customers say


"Great training very informative delivered at a good pace, good material sent to accompany the course as well . Thank you"

In-house Trainer

Bonehill Lodge CH

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