An  Oral Care Train the Trainer course has been booked! 


You are the teacher! 



You  will need to teach  the in-house trainer  the basic knowledge in Best Practice Oral Care using your knowledge and skills with the training material we have supplied.  The Aim is for the In-house trainer to be able to deliver oral care training to carers within the organization.


Learning Objective:  For the student to be able to replicate and deliver Best Practice in Oral Care information to any caregiver by providing knowledge and skills to support people that need assistance with daily oral care.

                      TRAINING MATERIAL NEEDED


 You will find everything you need to deliver training session


You will spend  a 1 day session with the staff member


Hours  10am - 3pm


venue  Care home or organisation place of work - 



 Please note that the lesson plan is a guide for you to use.  You find that you spend longer or shorter than the estimated timings on the lesson plan indicated below.

Please click onto the image to view. 

Lesson plan for Residential care homes - Learning Disabilities  HERE

The STUDENT has had 2 weeks to revise the TRAINING MANUAL and BOOKLET


The training manual has been forwarded to the training staff member 2 weeks prior to the training day.

This is the webpage that the student have been directed to for course material CLICK HERE


YOU will need to assess the staff to ensure the information has been retained 



The staff member will be assessed on the course material via a series of multiple choice questions.  You will then go through the answers with the member to ensure that the person understands the questions asked.

YOU will go through the presentation with the staff member



This course has been designed to help any carer who is involved in the daily routine of oral care by providing knowledge and skills to support people that need assistance with daily oral care.


You will go through how staff give an Oral Health Assessment and give case scenarios

The STUDENT will demonstrate a section of the training to you



The staff member will need to demonstrate that they are able to relay the information you have given to other care staff.

You will choose a number of sections of the presentation for the staff member to perform to you.

You will then need to critique where necessary at the end.

YOU will need to summarize the day and give the training material




The In-house trainer can give the training in the way most suitable to them. Different trainers will have different training styles and will allocate different amount of time spent to oral care training. 

We supply the knowledge and tools to deliver best practice in oral care to the trainer in the most effective way we can.

Additional material can be used in addition to the presentation folder.


  • A4 Presention

  • Teeth model and tootbrush

  • Quiz 

  • Case scenarios

  • Questionnaire for staff

  • Training lesson (suggestions)

Material that trainer can use in their training session 

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