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Tues 13th June at 12pm

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'The Role of an Oral Champion'

NEXT WEBINAR |Tues 13th June at 12pm 

Maybe you're considering nominating an oral champion or you are a lead in oral care. Find out the full extent about the role in this 40 minute Live webinar session.

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Find out what the Role of an Oral Champion involves

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With oral health on the radar you may want to consider having an Oral Champion as this will demonstrate that oral care is being taken seriously - NICE also suggest nominating an oral care champion to ensure systems are in place to support oral health - but what exactly is the role of an Oral Champion!


What is covered in the webinar: 

  • have a basic understanding of the importance of plaque removal

  • be shown examples of oral health that have made headlines and an example of  care provider demonstrating their failing in oral healthcare for to your be better equipped in this area 

  • have a better understanding of the role of an oral champion and the Quality Standards .

  • discuss some best practice advice regarding popular questions asked  

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