Want all staff trained in Oral Healthcare?

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E-Learning is a convenient way of learning, it is flexible in terms of time and place.  The learning is completely mobile friendly using any device whether this this is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile smart phone. The content is divided into short modules which can be paused at any time. The modules are clear and engaging with a variety of visual and audio learning cues and intermittent knowledge checks.

Care homes are able to satisfy the KLOE [E5], ensuring that all staff have received training by enrolling staff onto the e-Learning course.  Find out who has enrolled and monitor their progress. 



for Individuals [pay per peron]

  • Per  person
  • Printable certificates
  • Duration approx 40 mins
  • Cost £7
  • Support adviceline
  • Read learning outcomes HERE


 [for care homes]

  • No maximum limit of staff
  • Printable certificates for all enrolled
  • View report of staff's results
  • Duration approx 40 mins
  • Cost £300 [Access 1yr]
  • Support adviceline
  • Read learning outcomes HERE

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Easy and affordable way for all staff to receive training in Oral Healthcare

  1.  Complete registration form

  2.  An electronic Invoice will be issued

  3.  On receipt of payment, the named USER will receive a CODE. This code is generated for your care home.

  4. Give this CODE to every staff member that requires training. *NO MAXIMUM LIMIT  £300 [valid 1yr]

  5. Staff require to enter the CODE where indicated in the payment section [see below for further details]. Each student is required to enter name, email address and create password to enrol.

  6. The named USER will receive a progress report every month. You will be able to view everyone that has enrolled and their course progress.

  7. A certificate is issued for each student at the end of the course to download and print.













the student will need to enter the code in the payment section



CQC recommend that Oral Healthcare training is mandatory [Smiling Matters Report June 2019]


 Skills for Care included Oral Health in the 'Core and mandatory training requirements'


Please fill out the information below.  An invoice will be generated electronically.
On receipt of payment the named user will be issued a COUPON CODE for staff to enter to access the e-Learning.

I would like to receive the CODE and receive a monthly progress report.

On submitting this form, an invoice will be generated of £300.  Should you change your mind, you can cancel this invoice.


*Please note that the invoice is per care home.