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Ensuring that all staff receive Oral Care Training by purchasing a LIVE webinar recording.

Staff can carry out training at a time that suits them.  Supported by US for any oral healthcare questions



  • Valid for 1yr
  • Online Assessment
  • LIVE Chat after session
  • Support Line
  • CPD Certificate
  • Downloadable resources
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Can you answer 'yes' to KLOE Effective oral health questions?

'Do all staff have training in oral health care?' [KLOE E5]

Oral healthcare now forms part of the regulatory frameworks the care home sector work towards since June 2017.

Recently TWO mandatory Oral Health questions were added to Key Line of Enquiry Questions [KLOE] following CQC's Smiling Matters Report recommended that care homes make oral healthcare training mandatory.

Oral care is an essential part of personal care that has a great impact on well-being and general health. Carers are responsible for providing oral care in care homes, however, it is often carried out unsatisfactorily due to lack of confidence, understanding about the oral findings, challenging residents, inadequate tools and shortage of time. Numerous studies have highlighted that there is a lack of understanding around oral health and no training or inadequate training in this area for staff.


Demonstrate that you are serious about oral healthcare and ensure that staff have training 

Our training will help staff with delivering oral care confidently.   We will discuss the NICE guidelines and provide the resources for compliance as well as give practical advice for those people that are dependent or need assistance in oral care techniques 

FIRST Book a LIVE Oral Healthcare Webinar [max 14 staff] 

THEN Have the session recorded [Recording link valid for 1hr] so that remaining staff can view and carry out oral care training in their own time at work or home.

Ensure that all staff are confident in delivering Oral Care to people that are dependent giving tips & coping strategies for people that resist mouthcare. 


1.SELECT how many credits [number of staff] require oral care training in total..  If for example you have 25 employed staff, select 'Up to 30 staff'.  This gives flexibility for new staff to be training throughout the year.

2.  SCHEDULE a LIVE webinar training  session for a date and time that suits your care home using the BOOKING FORM HERE  [max 14 staff]

3. AFTER the LIVE webinar session, the Recording will be sent to you via a link and will be available for 1yr.   You can forward the LINK to staff that:

a) were unable to attend the live webinar

b) any new staff

3. After participants have viewed the recording an electronic assessment is sent with support and certificates are issued to the care manager or administrator. 


Up to 30 staff

purchase 30 credits


Up to 40 staff

purchase 40 credits


Up to 50 staff

purchase 50 credits


50+ staff

get a quote for 50+ credits

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